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(no subject) [Oct. 16th, 2004|12:31 am]
[Current Mood |annoyedannoyed]
[Current Music |Kanye West- New Workout Plan]

What is your favorite_______

2. restaurant: hmm i would have to say casa de rodriguez my moms cooking is badass!haha
3. drink: WATER

4. season: FALL

5. type of weather: rainy
6. emotion: flirtyand confident!

7. thing to do on a half day: chill with brittany because we have crazy times!
9. sport: SOFTBALL! and basketball is cool
10. city: SAN DIEGO
11. store: HOllister or Wet Seal!!

_______When was the last time you_______

12. cried: when i found out my moms good friend who is really close to our family has cancer
13. played a sport: hmm saturday..we took this week off but ive pitched with my dad does that count?
14. laughed:today because friday night lights is a good movie and people are just funny!
15. hugged someone: when i came home from the football home i gave my big bro a hug!
16. kissed someone: HAHA :-D
17. felt depressed: a long time ago!
18. felt overworked: DEFENITLEY TODAY! haha in the concession stand but its okay
19. faked sick: last year probably lol

20. lied: probably today ? idk lol

_______What was the last_______

21. word you said: kidding

22. thing you ate: CHEETOS!
23. song you listened to: Konstantine babay!

24. thing you drank:water
25. place you went to: the football game

26. movie you saw: FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS best movie go see it!

27. movie you rented: Mean girls!!! and eternal sunshine but we didnt even watch it!
_______Who was the last person you_______

28. hugged: my brother!? wasnt this asked already

29. cried over:  ditto

30. kissed: ;-) wouldnt you like to know
31. danced with: maybe sadies? i dont remember
32. shared a secret with: lol i dont know
33. had a sleepover with: brittany!

34. called: em
35. went to a movie with: evan and noelle

36. saw: my cousin
37. were angry with: uhhh better left unsaid 
38. couldn't take your eyes off of: ... cant say
39. obsessed over: haha well lets see MY FRESHMAN HOTTIE! haha 

_______Have you ever_______

40. danced in the rain: YUUUUP!
41. kissed someone: yes...
42. done drugs:ehhk
43. drank alcohol: UH Yea!
44. partied: FOR SHURE

45. had a movie marathon: YEA!

46. gone too far on a dare: there is no too far
47. spun until you were immensely dizzy: who doesnt? if you havent i recommend you do!
48. taken a survey quite like this before:lol when i get bored i do


55. i'm feeling: cold
56. i'm listening to: Dashboard Confessionals

57. i'm doing: this bitch ass thing
58. i'm talking to: some cool people

59. i'm craving:a blanket
60. i'm thinking of: my freshman hottie haha
61. i'm hating: when ur friends ditch you for a boy


62. love is: pain and game

63. my first love: eeeekkk

64. my current love: YOU!

65. love or lust: lust
66. best love song: theres alot out there
67. is it possible to be in love w/ more than one person at the same time: nope

68. when love hurts: you have to learn thats just what comes with love
69. is there such thing as love at first sight?:or should i walk by again?? HA

_______Opposite sex_______

70. turn ons: FUNNY !!! and style

71. turn offs: trying to hard
72. do your parent's opinion on your gf/bf matter to you?: yea somewhat
73. what kinda hairstyle are you into?: depends on the guy

74. what is the sweetest thing a girl/guy can do for you?: lol be nice and suprise her with stuff and go out of your way to see her
75. where do you go to meet new people?: anywhere
76. are you the type of person to HOLLa and ask for numbers?: actually no lol depends...
_______Picky picky_______

77. dog or cat: doggies or both

78. short or long hair: depends on the guy
79. sunshine or rain: rain
80. hugs or kisses: kisses
81. summer or winter: winter
82. written letters or e-mails: letters
83. playstation or Nintendo: NINTENDO! old school is the SHIT 
84. car or motorcycle: car
85. house party or club: house partaaayyy
86. sing or dance: both!

87. freak or slow dance: both can be fun

88. how are you today?: eh okay 
89. what pants are you wearing right now?: my ducky pjs britty gave me!
90. what shirt are you wearing right now?: my best buddies shirt still 
91. what does your hair look like at the moment?: back in a high ponytail

92. what song are you listening to right now?: Kanye West NEW WORKOUT PLAn                          

93. how is the weather right now?: its night so NICE
94. who was last person you talked to on the phone?: em
95. last dream i can remember?: hahaha oh god. umm i dont remember any but i have some of the best dreams ever.
96. What do you think about the person that you got this from?: bitch ass whore hahaha IM KIDDING I LOVE YOUUUUUUU!

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(no subject) [Oct. 14th, 2004|12:37 am]
[Current Mood |okayokay]
[Current Music |Shadow- Ashley Simpson]

I'm finally updating! wow it has been forever AGAIN! i need to keep up with this shit... well its fall break!im so happy! we all tottaly deserve a break! it sucks that  im not going anywhere though! its good cause i just get to chill ! my parents re going out of town soon! YEAH! it sucks cause my brother is throwing aparty both nights and wont let me have any of my friends over cause yea...what happaned last time. that kinda sucks but in hte end ill have some of my friends over.

tomorrow im probably going to go to the game with stef! i love her mucho! MPHS vs CDS..HELL YES! everyone better go and visit me in the fuckin concession stand ughh BS oh well it will be fun i guess! friday im going with noelle and our buddy evan to see resident evil and then california pizza kitchen it will be some good fun then the tailgate for chruch then working the concession...whew ill be busy!possibly out after that! YES!

you know im really confused with this whole boy situation...so many things in my life are going good and then so many things suck... but to tell ya the truth im happy. which is good! but i kinda miss some things. I know you cant always have what you want but things just dont feel the same anymore. and when i had these things nothing else was good but that was perfect. i REALLY miss that. i wish i could just tell someone how i feel but no one will understand. NOVEMBER 4th OC !!! OC PARTIES!!! can't wait! hahah that is the best f ing show ever! if i have softball im defenitley going to ditch that for the OC haha ...this sucks i never get online anymore cause my computer got a virus so ill try to update when i can kids! lub ya!!


BOOOO you whore!



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YayyYY! [Sep. 13th, 2004|11:16 pm]
[Current Mood |confusedconfused]
[Current Music |Where the Heart Is - Yellowcard <3]

  I*m finally updating! haha i know its been forever! oh well get over it!haha this is going to be short cause im a bit tired! i re did my lj i like it ALOH! my icon is super cuuuute! Oh man what a weekend! i tottaly forgot all my plans and like hung out wit my family it was way tight though. Im really frustrated with things lately... people are just being dumb... i miss stef i dont have any classes with her and it makes me sad! SHES so cuuuute! She really understands me and for that i <3 her! Im not really looking foward to softball tommorrow its so frustrating ! i work my ass of for what ? NOTHING. its bs! i have a tounrnament this weekend wooptie ti doo! yea awesome i miss all the fun things going on to what ...go sit the bench and watch someone pitch and play my position that i know i have worked harder than. BULLSHIT. ahhhh !!!! well im very excited that i have a best buddies meeting on thursday at peter piper! I get to meet my buddy!!! YaY! Then before the football game on friday i have to go work at this family fun night for share club! Its like a mini carnival thing and i get to play with little kids and all that! im excited but i will be arriving at the game late! kinda sucks but oh well ! the lady at petsmart offered me a job ? haha but then i told her how old i was and shes like aww that sucks ...well  you have to come apply here when your 16. It's so crazy in the back of petsmart they have this pet hotel and the dogs and cats have like their own suites and stuff its CRAZY! well i promise im going to start keeping this thing updated! comment for me  please!!!


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LOOOOOONG TIIIIIME NO WRITE! ahaha [Aug. 7th, 2004|12:07 am]
WOW! it has been a long ass time since i last worte in here! im going to keep this up i promise! haha wow so everyone will think im a total nerd but igot back from yearbook camp on wed.! it wa the so awesome! i was kinda not wanting to go but then when we ... i love the people thatwent wreke ne big happy family! The dance on the last day was great we dressed up in all these layers and looked like dorks and had a awesome time and representd !haha i lov san diego! the funny thing is that yougo there thinking ther is gona be all these dokry people there but there wasnt hotties here and there and gay guy galore and loved that! JEREMEY the hot ta thats gay!ahaa it was just so much fun! even though it was my idea to decorate the cow and they did it without me ! :0( its all good im glad it got done! i wish i could tell everyone all the fun things that happaned but i can't ! theres to much to tell! and the the side trip haha !!! well school sucks and if anyone wants to give the me the question answers for the stupid reading assignments PLEASE haha i hate it its such a hectic week my cousin is moveig in YAY and my uncle and other cousin are here! aahhh tomorrow im going to finally see NAPOLEAN DYNAMITE haha meghan wih brittany and some people well im gonna go ! COMMENT YOU AHOLESi know you missed me!:-D
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THIS FRICKIN SUUUUUUUUCKS! [Jul. 3rd, 2004|11:09 pm]
[Current Mood |rejectedrejected]
[Current Music |anthem of our dying day- Story Of The Year]

A very slow early day my gosh a frickin terrible night and an early morning AWESOME...i woke up to go with my mom and some friends to this workout thing and i was sperated from them casue i was an "athlete" so my workout was different and i was away from them ...it was alright the people said it would really help my pitching so im excited! tehn after that we went to the spaghetti factory ... it was so pretty inside it made me think of georgia cause we always used to go there when we live in atlanta and we got to sit in the trolli! but i was wondering why we were eating junk food after we had a workout ...hmmm ?haha well still it was fun !then my madre and i came home and took a nap! and i watched my girl i love that movie but it was especially sad this time and yes i cried :( then we woke and took my brother some food at work after that we came home and had in n out...yummy!then we went and put our feet in teh pool for a little and just talked because we were gonna see a movie. I love my mom she just knows me so well and shes knows all the answers to my problems and she understands i really can tell her MOST things... except for probably the most SUCKY thing in my life i can't tell her and its really bugging me ..cause i really need her right now but just hanging out with her all day was kind of her cheering me up..i guess ? i dont know i love her! We went and saw dodgeball today it was really what i expected but it was still pretty funny.
wow ....i wish taht i could just be in someone elses shoes right now ... i wonder if you even care, or if you miss me at all a million things are going through my head and there all about you ..and it fuckin sucks becasue thats how it is and im just wondering if you think about me or whats going on. I guess i should be sort of happy or at least relieved casue this is what i thouhgt was best

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